About Me

I’m Jason Gowans, and I’m originally from Dundee, Scotland (fun fact - did you know people from Dundee are called Dundonians?). I’ve lived in Seattle since my early twenties and, together with my wife Anna, we live in Queen Anne with our three kids; Maja, Janek, and Kajetan.

I started my career in Sweden as a COBOL programmer :-), and have loved being part of the growth of the Internet from my early days doing web development, to numerous side projects, to now, where I work at Nordstrom as Vice President of Marketing Analytics & Technology.

One thing I’m especially proud of is Aerobatic, a side project that we bootstrapped into a business with real paying customers from around the world :-) I helped start Aerobatic alongside the most talented and humble developer I’ve ever worked with, David Von Lehman.

If you want to know more about my career, you can check out my LinkedIn profile.

On a personal front, I’m a lifelong Dundee United fan and still play soccer, albeit at a bit more sedate pace than I once used to. Also love running (I originally came to the U.S. thanks to a track scholarship to Nicholls State University. Most weekends, the family and me can be found up at Snoqualmie Pass, mountain biking in the Summer and skiing in the Winter. One recent indulgence is crossfit that I try to do at 5am a few days a week provided my body doesn’t protest too much!

Feel free to get in touch with me via Twitter.

Cheers! /jason